About Us

Kat starts with a block of wet clay, sending it through a slab roller to a uniform thickness.  Cutting out flowers, leaves, bugs and various sizes of dots from these slabs comes next.  The shapes go through a multiple glazing and firing process which includes both high and low temperature firings so the tiles are impervious, brightly colored and finely detailed.  Each year Kat tries to incorporate an additional design to include with the standard garden flower theme – foxes, chickens and quail were in attendance in previous seasons, with herons, frogs and fish planned for the coming year.

Harry cuts, shapes and welds steel into tables, picture frames, and trivets designed to accept Kat’s mosaic tile. The frames are then either sent out for a protective powder-coat finish or sprayed with automotive clear coat. After Kat lays out the design, the tiles are glued and then grouted individually with epoxy grout to insure against cracking, fading or staining.